Home Solar Panel Installation

Clean energy for your home is a possibility in Nebraska!

With all the latest solar technology advances, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to harness the sun’s power to supply clean, efficient, and even free energy for your home or facility. American Energy Advisors specializes in commercial and home solar system design, as well as solar panel installation across Elkhorn, NE, Omaha, NE, and all surrounding areas.

We start by assessing the current energy efficiency of your home or facility, and suggest potential updates to make in order to decrease the amount of energy needed. This will help us determine the most cost-effective solar system design for your unique situation and we’ll work together to meet your solar energy needs. After any home performance updates have been made and the design set, our licensed and experienced solar panel installers will finish the job and your home or facility will be ready to run on energy from the sun. Call AEA at 402.881.8345 for more information on our solar design and solar installation services, and find out how we can help you go off-grid.

How do solar panels work?

A home solar system, also known as a photovoltaic (PV) system, provides electricity from the sun’s rays. Most often, these home solar systems are installed on rooftops, where they happily sit and convert sunlight with no moving parts.

There are enough sunny days to generate some or all of the electricity required to power your Omaha area home. You remain connected to your local Nebraska or Iowa electric utility in case you need to use the grid as a giant backup battery.

The home solar power system ties into the local electric utility grid. The utility grid accepts the extra electricity your system provides when no one’s home and the sun is shining. When you’re home and there’s a lot of electricity being used and no sun shining, the grid provides the electricity you need.

Are Photovoltaics Right for Your Nebraska Home?

The nature of home solar power systems means that they have to more or less point to the sun. This means that you need to have a clear portion of roof that faces the southeast to southwest quadrant of the sky.

If the roof on your Omaha area home doesn’t face the right direction, a PV system can still be installed on a rack that can be mounted on your roof, or on a shed roof, or on the ground.

To get the most out of your home photovoltaic system, you need to boost your home efficiency. Doing an energy budget helps to size your system but also shows you where you can improve your energy savings.

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