Cost of Solar Panels

American Energy Advisors can make your solar power home dreams come true. We install solar panels with microinverters for roof and ground-mounted renewable energy systems in and around the Omaha area.

What’s Involved in a Solar Power Home?

The size of your solar power system is limited to the amount of space available for the collectors. AEA can help you design a system that will fit your house and meet your electricity needs.

Here’s how a solar power system works:

Solar cells, thin wafers of semi-conductor materials, are built into solar panels and collect the energy from the sun. Panels are wired into an “array” which is mounted on a racking system designed for your roof or for a landscape installation.

The solar panels generate direct current (DC) power. Your house runs on alternating current (AC) provided by the grid. An inverter is the device that flips the solar generated from DC to AC so you can feed it back to the grid.

American Energy Advisors solar power systems are fitted with microinverters attached to the underside of each panel. The output from all of the microinverters is combined and then fed to the electrical grid. This is different from a stand-alone single inverter, which connects several modules.

Microinverters Can Give You A More Efficient System

A standard inverter governs all of the panels in your array, meaning that at any time, the production of your whole system is capped by the lowest-producing panel. With microinverters, there is no cap. Instead, the actual production of each panel is available to feed back into the grid at all times.

If you have a clear, unobstructed roof that is at the perfect angle and orientation for solar gain, it doesn’t matter if you use a standard inverter or microinverters. Roofs in Nebraska, however, aren’t often sited and designed for solar gain, making microinverters a good idea.

A solar system on a complex roof with multiple angles has panels that will face some combination of south, east, and west. Trees, a large chimney or other obstructions can cause shading on some or all of the panels during the course of a day. The solar panels will be producing different amounts of electricity at different times of the day, but microinverters ensure you harvest all of the energy.

Check System Performance From Your Mobile Device!

Microinverters offer an additional perk in system monitoring: you have the ability to track the production of each individual panel. With a standard inverter, you only can track the production of the whole system. And you can do it while roaming around the Midwest on your mobile device!

More bonuses:

  • Microinverters have 25 year warranties.
  • Microinverters can be added one at a time for easy system expansion.

A solar power system is not a small investment. We can point you towards rebates and financing options for Omaha residents.

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