HVAC Rebates and Tax Credits

There are various rebate opportunities offered by utility companies to homeowners for installing more energy efficient heating and cooling systems and for improving their building shell (insulation, windows and doors). There are also special loan programs available through the Nebraska State Energy Office to help finance energy efficient improvements to Nebraska homes. The USDA provides grants up to 25% for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for rural homes and businesses.

In addition, there are also rebates and certain tax credits up to 30% available for home builders and businesses when they make energy efficient updates. Energy providers like OPPD, NPPD and LES provide these rebates as a way to encourage homeowners and businesses to update their heating and cooling equipment. When you install qualifying energy efficient heating and cooling systems, it helps the energy provider reduce energy usage during peak periods and prevent the need to build new power plants.

If you’re interested in receiving a rebate, grant or tax credit for installing more energy efficient heating and cooling systems in your home or business, learn more about these programs on the energy provider’s website and ask our team at AEA about qualifying systems.


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