Since our start in 2009, our passion at American Energy Advisors has been to use building science to make your home more safe, comfortable, and energy efficient. Our HVAC and energy efficiency team is based in Elkhorn, NE and has helped thousands of Omaha-area homeowners and home builders make houses feel more like homes. You can count on AEA for science-backed, affordable home performance solutions from experienced and educated employees.

AEA’s team is NATE-certified, an Energy Star Partner, and of course licensed, bonded, insured, and A plus accredited with BBB.

We look forward to working with you!

-The AEA Team

Jesse Krivolavek - Visionary/President
  • 3 Things I Can't Live Without: My Kids, Music & Bacon
  • You Might See Me: In an AEA T-Shirt
  • I've Always Wanted To: Golf on the Moon
Joe Ellenberger - Solutions Coordinator
  • My Weakness is: Key Lime Pie
  • I Never Get Tired of: Talking to My Kids
  • Favorite Team: #TeamEllenberger
Ben Hallowell - Energy Modeling Coordinator
  • My Weakness is: Skittles
  • My Favorite Dance Move is: I can't do it, but the Moonwalk
  • Favorite Team: GREEN BAY PACKERS!
Larry Emanuel - HERS Rater
  • Hometown: North Bend, NE
  • I Never Get Tired of: My Wife's Cooking
  • My Favorite Instrument: Piano
Allyn Johnson - Executive Assistant
  • I've Always Wanted To: Be the lead in a movie
  • If I Wouldn't Get Caught I'd Steal: The Eiffel Tower
  • My Weakness Is: Queso Dip
Chad Herbolsheimer - Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Private Jet is Taking Me To: New Zealand
  • I'm Watching After Work: Royals Baseball
  • Using My 1st Million On: Traveling with my Fam & Golfing Around the World
Cassie Randall - HVAC Admin Coordinator
  • As an Animal, I'd Be: A Unicorn
  • Best Game to Play: Cards Against Humanity
  • Every Person Needs: Dogs
Terry Larson - HVAC Field Manager
  • You Might See Me: Traveling on my Harley
  • My Favorite Instrument Is: The drums
  • My Favorite Team Is: The Pittsburgh Steelers
Michael Mead - HVAC Service Technician
  • My Hometown Is: Bath, Maine
  • My Super Power Is: Common sense
  • My Drink of Choice: Mojito
Jesse Weidner - Diagnostics Field Technician
  • Three Things I Can't Live Without: My son, high-speed internet, and ice-cream
  • My Private Jet Is Taking Me To: Ibiza, Spain
  • My Super Power Is: Transferring my good mood & positivity to others
Scott Bracken - HVAC Designer and Estimator
  • What I Sing in My Car: Ray Charles
  • Favorite Team: Anything from Pittsburgh
  • As an Animal I'd Be: A sea turtle
Paul Glover - Diagnostics Field Technician
  • Best Game to Play: Catchphrase
  • I Never Get Tired Of: The movie Remember the Titans
  • What I Sing in My Car: Metallica
Chris Johnson - Diagnostics Operations
  • I've Always Wanted To: Go to space
  • My Drink of Choice: Coffee, black
  • You Might See Me: With headphones in