Solar Powered Systems for New Construction

Building a new home is an opportunity to do it right from the get-go: energy efficient construction, high-performance mechanicals, and solar powered systems. American Energy Advisors can work with you to make sure thousands of dollars in utility bills (as well as significant amounts of fossil fuel emissions) can be saved over the decades.

Whether You are a Builder or Homeowner, New Construction Solar Has Great Benefits

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Nebraska is ranked thirteenth in the nation with the greatest energy potential from solar power. Estimates show that Nebraska could generate 21% of the state’s demand for electricity from rooftop solar panels!

Solar power in Nebraska is becoming competitive with grid electricity, when you factor in dropping equipment prices and the statewide 30 percent tax credit, which can be used to install any size system.

New construction solar does not need to be expensive. The cost to build a high-performance ENERGY STAR home and install solar equipment are quickly recouped by energy savings. After optimizing the heating, cooling, and appliance loads with an energy management plan, renewable energy systems offset the energy you do need.

A properly designed solar array plus an all-electric house equals freedom from utility bills, forever.

Factors to Consider When Designing a New Home for Solar

There a several primary factors to consider when designing a new home for solar:

  • A roof face that is oriented to the southern quadrant of the sky with a roof pitch between 5 – 12 is ideal
  • Shade-free and obstruction-free roof and site with a clear solar window from 9am-3pm, year round, to maximize solar performance
  • Access to utility room because the “balance of system” will need a place to live
  • Make sure all of your house is solar ready by running two EMT conduits from the utility room to attic to later connect to your solar panels. A 1″ diameter and 3/4″ diameter EMT should be sufficient
  • When it comes to roof load, generally speaking, a code-built roof will be sufficient to carry the additional load of solar panels

Solar & Building Process

The process starts with identifying lots that have good solar aspects and determining what kind of home you would like to have built. American Energy Advisors usually joins the process when the home design is complete and the builder or homeowner needs to figure out the mechanical systems and how solar will fit into the design.

We work on many types of projects, from homeowner-contractors to production builders. We bring our expertise to every project. Our goal is for you to be beyond pleased with your solar power system.

Contact us or call us at 402.881.8345 for more information about solar powered systems for new construction!