Free AC & Furnace Flood Damage Checks for Omaha Metro Flood Assistance


Located in Elkhorn, NE, the American Energy Advisors team has seen first hand the impact the 2019 Flood has had on homes and families across Nebraska, and we’d like to do our duty to keep people safe during the flood disaster recovery process.

Restarting your furnace or air conditioner after a flood could be potentially dangerous to you and your family. It never hurts to get a safety check for your heating and cooling system from a certified technician to ensure there are no gas or electrical hazards. AEA is offering free HVAC system safety checks to help with flood disaster recovery in communities around the Omaha area including Valley, Waterloo, Fremont, and Bellevue. Before you turn on your AC or furnace after the flood, contact AEA at 402.881.8345 or fill out the form on this page to request a time for a safety check of your system.

Schedule a FREE HVAC Safety Check for a Home Affected By The Flood

With Nebraska’s temperatures as unpredictable as they are, you will likely need to turn on either your furnace, AC, or both as you begin the flood disaster recovery process in your home. Your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump may appear perfectly fine when you first return home, but unfortunately, heating and cooling systems were not designed to operate in water. The natural gas line and electrical components could potentially have dangerous flood damage. It’s better to let a professional check your flooded HVAC system before you try to turn it on.

Safe AC & Furnace Removal After Flood

If we checked your system and determined it is no longer safe or operational after the flood, AEA can assist with AC removal or furnace removal at no cost to you. If done incorrectly, you could endanger your home and the environment, and we are eager to do what we can to keep the people in our Omaha area community out of harm’s way. After making it through a flood disaster, it’s worth it to follow safety protocols during the flood recovery process. Please schedule a separate appointment for AEA to come out and safely remove your flooded AC and/or furnace.

AC & Furnace Replacement Due to Flooding

If your system isn’t safe or operational and is in need of replacing, AEA can also help you find the right replacement furnace or AC when you’re ready. Whether you decide if it’s time for an upgrade or you just need a basic replacement to get you by, we are experts in helping you choose the best heating and cooling system for your home’s design, your comfort, and most importantly your budget.

Contact us or call us at 402.881.8345 to request a free safety check for your heating and cooling system before you use it after the flood.