Builders Services

American Energy Advisors offers special services to builders in Nebraska who want to provide high-performance housing for their clients. We have expert teams to meet any challenge you need us to meet!

Whether it’s properly sizing your furnace, providing energy certification services for Certified High-Performance Homes, ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes, or providing energy diagnostics for existing buildings, we’re here to help. Since 2009, AEA has provided services for over 10,000 homes in the Omaha metro area, and an additional 2,000 homes throughout a 9-state region.

Our Services Include

Builders: American Energy Advisors Designs & Installs Mechanical Systems

We are a full-service HVAC company with our roots in the home performance industry. We pride ourselves on being up-to-date on the latest versions of high-performance program requirements as well as the technical requirements for Carrier and other well-known HVAC manufacturers. We’re well-versed in sizing and installing mini-split heat pumps and geothermal systems as well as solar energy systems for Omaha homes.

Our team works with builders to ensure that their new residential and commercial construction meets the highest standards possible. American Energy Advisors are experts and are experienced and ready for the challenge!

Contact us or call us at 402.881.8345 for more information about our builders services!